Name: Lynn McCrossin Lynn McCrossin
Place of Birth Maine, US
Height 5'2
Biceps 15
Off Season Weight 138lbs
Competition Weight: 128lbs
Done with strict form and at least 6 reps. These are not max lifts:
Incline Leg Press: 900 lbs.
Leg extension: 120 lbs.
Leg curl: 100 lbs.
Barbell curl: 100 lbs.
Dumbbell curl: 40 lbs.
Tricep pressdown: 170 lbs.
Lying Tricep Extension: 100 lbs.
Lateral pulldowns: 170 lbs.
Reverse grip bentover row:155lbs.
One arm row: 70 lbs.
Shrug: 245 lbs.
Lynn McCrossin
PO Box 20169
Fountain Hills, AZ. 85269
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